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Harbaugh brothers speak at Super Bowl

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New Orleans, LA (Betting Express) - Two days before they are set to square off in Super Bowl XLVII, brothers and opponents Jim and John Harbaugh spoke to assembled media during a joint press conference in the Big Easy.

"I just want to start by saying what an honor it is for both of us to be here with each other, no question about it," said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. "What a very exciting moment it is, but even more than that, for our families to be here. For our mom and dad, sitting right over there, Jack and Jackie and for Grandpa Joe -- 97-years-old and going strong -- and Bob Sepidi, our uncle, and Chad, our cousin."

After the family shout-outs, the question came up on whether or not the brothers could work together in some capacity.

The elder of the two, John, was expansive and effusive, saying of his sibling, "No question about it and we've had that conversation in the past. It just never really worked out timing-wise. I'd love to work for would be the greatest thing in the world. We almost made it happen at Stanford at one time. You always try to get great coaches, and there are none better than Jim Harbaugh, and I mean that seriously. There's no better coach in the National Football League than this guy right here."

To which Jim, the 49ers head coach, stated succinctly: "Definitely, I would work for him."

Both men also spoke about the power and attraction that New Orleans offered as both a city and a championship destination.

"I think our guys really understand the whole dynamic here, just like everybody does. Everybody in America understands (Hurricane) Katrina and New Orleans and the renaissance as you put it and all those things," noted Baltimore's Harbaugh. "We drive the buses to all those different places and we get a chance to look at some of the neighborhoods and things like that. You can tell guys are looking at it. It is important and I have a great respect for the people of New Orleans."

Added San Francisco's Harbaugh: "Just meeting people here with the hospitality has been tremendous. I like the way they talk. There have been a lot of great Super Bowls here -- you look back at the highlights of the 10 Super Bowls that have been played here. Big, big games. The world's biggest sporting event each year and what it has become -- a vision of the fathers of this game and the vision they have for this spectacle. They have mastered that. We're just proud for the awesomeness of every effect that everybody does such an amazing job."

February 1, 2013, at 12:42 PM ET
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